According to writer Marc Prensky, most of us come from a generation of digital immigrants. It basically means the modern web developed during our lifetime, it is a place we migrated to, discovering its potential. But people aged 20 and younger are not like that at all. They are digital natives, they’ve spent their whole lives here.

“Hey, let’s do a digital version of our college facebook” is a digital immigrant’s idea, just like “Hey, let’s make something like a classifieds section of a newspaper, only this one will be online”. Or “Hey, let’s make an online auction hall”. “Hey, let’s make a place for online video rentals”.

You get the picture.

The thing is, recreating items, ideas and interactions from the physical realm already ran its course. We moved everything we could from the real life to the digital world. But where are the systems created for digital natives from grounds up?

Developers view: To imitate or not? | StormDriver

Note to self: check out some of Marc Prensky’s writing